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Innovative companies use Safiyo to understand consumers.

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Ad Hoc Surveys to Address Specific Research Concerns

Get answers to important market and research questions via real-time feedback from human respondents distributed all over Africa.

Understand Informal Retail Data

Sell strategically to physical shoppers by leveraging data to identify the best locations and income levels suitable to purchase your products.

Measure Media Consumption Across TV & Radio

Broadcast advertising just got better with technology to understand more about listeners, viewers and ads performance.

Study Occasion Based Consumption

Real-time insights to examine consumption patterns across events, locations and product mix.

Data to Understand Online and Offline Shopping Behavior

Access in depth data that defines online buyers and how their demographics (income, age, gender) defines average spend, shopping sites etc.

Food and beverage contributes the largest consumption category, accounting for at least one-third of Africa’s household spending.
Spending on consumer goods like clothing, motor vehicles and household goods accounts for a further 15% of consumption.
Consumer spending in Africa is projected to reach $2.1 trillion by 2030.
Spaza shops – southern African slang for a small informal shop or corner store in a township – contribute 5.2% to South Africa’s GDP, employing 2.6 million people.
Nigerians prefer funny ads and 46% of Nigerians surveyed said funny ads made them buy faster than other types of ads.
61% of Nigerians believe they do not earn enough money. As a result, they prioritize consumer goods.
The beauty and personal care industry in Nigeria is currently worth more than $1.256 billion at retail, making it one of the biggest players on the continent.
Nigeria's beauty care industry is expected to reach 31.8 million users by 2025.

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