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Measure times your products are used or occasions that foster
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Understand buying decisions using data

The better you understand occasions where your product is consumed, the easier it is to determine what motivates a consumer to purchase your product as well as the best marketing messages to use.

Filter based on Food Category, Brand and
Consumer Demographics

There is data for every product category, store and location. Accompanying Image: Different categories (Beverages, Frozen fooded, Canned/Packaged food, Fresh fruits and Snacks)


Frozen food

Canned food


Measure Consumption against Various Income Groups

The more you know about your buyers, the smarter you can be about your marketing. With all your buyer profiling data in one place, you can build a more strategic positioning for your brand.

Select a Brand and Track Their Mix

Identify what products are consumed together based on consumption location, region and competitor products .

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