Intelligent Data to Help Businesses Succeed

Safiyo is enabling companies all over the world with consumer insights from emerging markets to make smart decisions and scale strategically. Our technology makes it possible to access credible crowd-sourced data from anywhere in the world. With over 500,000 respondents and 95+ trusted partners served, we are helping companies make relevant decisions with real-time data you can bank on.

Consumer-Led Data

Dedicated to the future of data in emerging markets, we amplify consumer voices to drive smarter decisions, competitive advantage and intelligent positioning .

Mission Driven, Goal Oriented

Your business is our priority. Winning in emerging markets requires intelligent data so we provide you with exclusive insights from local consumers in markets you wish to scale.

Shopping Behavior Monitored with Ease

We help you with insights to understand consumer preferences, identify trends, and enhance the overall customer experience. We simplify the process of tracking and analyzing shopping behavior, making it more efficient and accessible for businesses to gain meaningful insights into their target market.

Real-Time Media Consumption Monitoring

Taking traditional advertising a notch higher with real-time insights to understand ads performance, listenership and viewership trends.

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