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audience measurement

Radio and TV audiences at your fingertips.

What if you could easily identify your radio and TV audience base? Imagine lower ad costs, better ad message targeting and demographic information at your fingertips.

Using our extensive respondent network across Ghana and Nigerian, you can expand or narrow down your audience criteria based on the data you want to see:

  • Ad data: validate your ad budgets and set ROI with data-based insights.
  • Media relevance by category: track how your channel is performing across different categories – news, entertainment, business, politics, public opinion shows, etc.
  • Focused audience campaigns: track who, when, how frequently and why your audience is tuning in to tailor content and maintain brand relevance.
  • A campaign dashboard platform that includes all the tools you need to plan, target and evaluate your campaigns.

Survey54’s radio & TV audience measurement product enables media agencies and marketing executives to track engagement and ad performance by key demographics.

Our platform enables you to view the audiences listening and watching your radio & TV ads and programs, gauge ad spending for better ROI, and plan future ad campaigns.

No more guesswork when it comes to your offline audiences!

Key features:

1. Consumer profiling
2. Audience sentiment
3. Ad responses and consumer behaviour
4. Content preferences

What is Survey54:

Survey54 is a market survey and data collection platform that uses mobile technology to reach audiences in emerging markets and diaspora communities. Reach audiences within Africa, the Middle East or the African-American community.

What is our mission:

Our mission is to make people data more accessible in Africa and other emerging markets. We are building a data library to understand the African consumer using AI.