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Faq - Safiyo


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Answers and advice from the Survey54 Team

Who is Survey54?

We are helping businesses in Africa and emerging markets grow and scale through rapid and transparent audience insights on our AI-enabled market research platform Safiyo.

What is Safiyo?

Our market research platform Safiyo enables researchers, companies, and individuals to conduct surveys seamlessly and efficiently. It allows users to create surveys for custom audiences and get real-time feedback.

Who can use Safiyo by Survey54?

Businesses, teams, researchers and startups looking to gather actionable insights and track audiences in Africa and other emerging markets.

Can individuals run surveys on Safiyo?

Yes, individuals can use the platform to run quick surveys.

How are survey respondents selected?

Respondents who meet the minimum requirement per survey (age, location, occupation, etc) are selected randomly for effectiveness.

How do I get respondents for my survey?

Researchers can receive responses from our audience network or their uploaded audience in real-time.

How do you collect responses to my survey questions?

Our respondent network across Africa gets notifications on their mobile phones. They can also log in and fill out surveys on the web app.

Does Survey54 only conduct mobile-enabled research?

We deploy on-demand trained research teams equipped with mobile devices to conduct surveys on the go in rural communities with no access to mobile devices. These teams are strategically located near rural settlements and are familiar with their communities.

How can I read the survey data on the dashboard?

Survey results are presented in multiple formats -pdf, slides and ppt. Additionally, result insights are presented as infographics for easier interpretation.

What are Category Trackers?

Our category trackers allow businesses to track different segments of their target market and understand unique customer behaviours.

What is Audience Measurement?

The audience measurement tracker helps media managers track radio and TV audiences in real-time to plan effective ad campaigns.

What are your pricing plans?

Our pricing options are flexible, so you can optimise your resources for every project. We have the BASIC model (ideal for startups and individuals) and the BUSINESS model (suitable for growing and large companies)

How much do the Basic and Business plans cost?

The Basic model starts at $1.50 per respondent for a minimum of 5 respondents.
The Business model starts at $0.80 per respondent for a minimum of 10 respondents.

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