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10 best market research companies in Africa

10 best market research companies in Africa

In this article we will review:

Several market research companies in Africa have attempted to make data available to businesses operating on the continent. The coverage of some of these consumer insights platforms in Africa is national. Others are regional, and there are few that cover the entire 54 countries of the African continent.

Africa is quickly becoming a new frontier for many corporations. With abundant natural resources, expanding consumer markets, and undiscovered markets, businesses are increasingly looking to Africa for expansion and competitive advantage. The continent’s GDP is now over $2 Trillion, nearly equivalent to that of Russia and Brazil, and the population is rapidly urbanizing. India, also has a smaller urban population than Africa (Worldbank). These factors necessitate market intelligence for Africa, which is profitable to existing businesses and foreign companies that want to enter the African market.

This article, therefore, showcases our top picks for the “10 best market research companies in Africa.” They are research firms known to facilitate market intelligence for Africa. We divide the companies into two areas of data collation; “The best 5 platforms to get research data in Africa” and “The best platforms for consumer insights in Africa.”

The best 5 platforms to get research data in Africa

1. Infomine Healthcare Research

Infomine was founded in 2008 and has grown to become one of the top healthcare market research firms in Africa and the Middle East, serving multinational agencies and healthcare sector businesses. With two regional facilities in Cairo (Egypt) and Jeddah (Saudi Arabia), as well as representation in Dubai (United Arab Emirates), and fully functional in-house teams in these regions, the research company offers innovative insights and solutions to its clients in the pharmaceutical industry’s competitive dynamics.

Infomine offers high-quality market research and business intelligence services to worldwide agencies and enterprises in the healthcare industry. Infomine’s service encompasses the entire research procedure, from project planning and data collecting to result analysis and presentation.

2. AsokoInsight

AsokoInsight offers customized research and digital interaction platforms to investors, multinational corporations, banks, and development organizations conducting business in Africa.

Asoko Insight provides compliance information to businesses in over 25 African nations. Be it the simple and speedy gathering of transcripts and scans of official documents or completing a comprehensive report on Ultimate Beneficial Ownership. AsokoInsight handles all.

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3. Zindi

Zindi is the acclaimed home of Africa’s most significant community of data scientists, who employ machine learning and AI to solve the world’s most pressing problems. They connect data scientists with companies and provide a space for data scientists to learn, perfect their talents, and find employment. In addition, they seek to transform Africa and showcase African data science expertise to the rest of the world.

4. African researchers (AR)

African Researchers Magazine is a non-profit scientific journal that focuses on the communication and dissemination of African research. Their objective is to promote African research findings and contributions to end-users (governments, policymakers, professionals, practitioners, academics, Entrepreneurs, non-governmental organizations, and the average African citizen), thereby influencing decision-making for the continent’s greater good.

5. African Journals Online (AJOL)

African Journals OnLine (AJOL) is the largest and most prominent repository of intellectual journals published in Africa. Since 1998, AJOL has worked to promote global and continental online access, awareness, quality, and usage of peer-reviewed research published in Africa. Millions of monthly downloads by site users from practically every country in the world indicate the initiative’s necessity and extensive use. Over 50% of repeat customers come from Africa.

The best platforms for consumer insights in Africa

1. Sagaci research

Sagaci Research is an African-based research company.

The data and insights that Sagaci provides are believed to foster the expansion of its users. They provide users access to brand trackers, online panels, retail audits, and other consumer data throughout Africa.

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2. Looka

Looka gives users Customer insights into Africa to assist them in making business decisions. It is one of the major online and one-on-one market research companies in Africa that also conduct physical surveys that focus on market intelligence for Africa.

With Looka, users can create a questionnaire, track data in real time, and get automatic analysis and key findings. It operates in 15+ countries including Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, South Africa, Namibia, Zambia, etc.

3. Consumer insights Africa

Consumer insights combine traditional research methodologies with their digital solutions to make it easier for users to meet their data collection requirements for market research.

They conduct computer-aided Telephone interviews, computer-aided web interviews, and computer-aided personal interviews to gather their data.

4. Versus

Versus provides real-time market research and tools that convert language and cultural complexity into actionable intelligence. Their Listen & Ask strategy employs online and offline methods to assist local and international brands in comprehending the African consumer market.

5. Webhaptic

Webhaptic Intelligence is one of Africa’s renowned independent, innovative, and full-service market research firms. They offer technology-based, end-to-end primary consumer research that yields actionable insights. Their team provides services from requirements identification through implementation.  

Their services include data collection, handling of full-service research projects, Advisory, and implementation process for their clients. 

5 factors that can help you recognize the best market research companies in Africa

Does the platform fit your company’s unique needs?

The first order of business is to understand how the market research platform will fit into the architecture of your organization and the expectations of your clients. Then, you may filter through the possibilities and identify the tools — or mix of tools — that will allow you to meet these standards most effectively.

Is it grounded in market research?

The best tools have been developed by those who comprehensively understand the research process and what it takes to establish consumers’ trust. This mindset leads to the development of technologies that target significant pain spots, as the specialists behind them are already intimately familiar with the obstacles. This is the motivation for Survey54’s creation of Safiyo.

Are new technologies being utilized to satisfy new demands?

Some tasks, such as meeting expectations for speed and accuracy, are just better suited to machines. However, solid automation and machine learning implementations can help you quickly execute chores and free you up to focus on your most valuable task: discovering insights.

Is there a perpetual improvement culture?

Verify that your vendor is adaptable and quick to make adjustments. Industry ecosystems are constantly evolving. Therefore, solutions incorporating feedback and monitoring new methods’ pulse are ideal.

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Do responsive, knowledgeable humans back it up?

No matter how powerful a software solution is, it needs human skills to operate. Therefore, you can achieve real success when you combine market research professionals and innovative technological applications.

Position yourself for accurate market intelligence for Africa with Survey54

Survey54 enables businesses to grow and scale through rapid and transparent audience insights from Africa and emerging markets. Our innovative technology allows businesses across the continent to comprehend their prospective clients. This is done by generating consumer personas for their target groups in minutes.

With the help of our self-serve dashboard, businesses can test new products and ad campaigns on their target audience for actionable feedback. They can also understand African consumers’ long-term behavior to track brand health and awareness.

Our platform is fortified with the power of mobile to help users track their brands, test products, and test customer satisfaction and loyalty. In addition, Survey54 employs mystery shoppers to evaluate the quality of products and/or services while posing as regular customers. This will show areas where businesses need to enhance their performance and processes.

Responses from Survey54-led market research can aid decision-makers in African governments at all levels, corporations, NGOs, and the broader community in drawing meaningful insights and bridging Africa’s present data gap. Explore the possibilities of Survey54 for you.

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