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5 ways surveys in Africa help businesses make smarter business decisions

5 ways surveys help businesses in Africa make smarter business decisions

In this article we will review:

Businesses globally are designed to solve problems in society. The products/services that solve these problems and how they are presented to the public, therefore, measure the successes or failures of these business outlets. African businesses are no exception. Therefore, survey in Africa is a prerequisite for adequate market intelligence and necessary for all businesses.

As a result, market research in Africa is necessary, like in other parts of the world, if entrepreneurs are serious about making smarter business decisions. It gives your business a competitive advantage regarding market intelligence on what consumers want and how best to meet their expectations. Therefore, there is no better way to get this right than to conduct surveys for businesses.

Surveys in Africa are growing, and you can leverage the industry to grow your business by not making blind decisions that may be critical to your company’s relevance before your customers.

This is so because customer satisfaction is critical to your success and customer retention is no walk in the park. This is why businesses must be able to answer the question, “What do people want, and how do we know?”. Simple surveys for businesses provide the needed answers.

Trying to predict what the people want is where so many businesses lose it. African businesses must understand that an investment in market research in Africa is the best market intelligence approach they need to excel in the continent. Since the customers are an essential stakeholder of your business, why not ask them instead of guessing?

This business error is not just peculiar to African businesses alone. For example, statistics by Think with Google on the US market research usage said that not up to 40% of marketers use consumer research to drive business decisions.

Before now, conducting surveys for businesses in Africa was stressful and time-consuming. But all thanks to technology, you can now conduct surveys in Africa electronically and get responses to your inquiries within a matter of minutes. Online surveying tools like Survey54’s Safiyo avail you with high-quality market intelligence that is cost-effective, provides answers in no time, and alleviates guesswork for your business.

How surveys in Africa improve business-making process

Here are five ways that competitive market research in Africa can help you make smarter business decisions;

1. Test creative before you launch the survey

For the best result on your market intelligence survey, it is best to test what has been designed before sending the questionnaire to your target audience. This is particularly important as online surveys have replaced paper or one-on-one questionnaires.

Ensure that you cross all Ts and dot all Is on the different versions of your survey (web/mobile) before you launch. This is a foundational assignment that you must carry out.

2. Identify trends early

This is why every team member must be invested in the project. Survey in Africa is becoming competitive, and if you can’t spot trends early enough, your team members should be able to. Else, your business might fall off track.

The digital world is continuously changing at a fast pace. So also are customer preferences. You must, therefore, understand where your industry is headed and be proactive with your survey approach.

3. Know your customer

When you know and understand your customers, it becomes easier for your business to perform magic. When you know your customers and what they like, you can design your survey to be relevant to them.

This allows you to uncover insights about the different individuals that make up your customer base, such as age group, geographic location, etc.

However, if you are yet to identify your customer, a well-structured African survey can help you identify who your customers are across the continent.

4. Seek to know what people think about your competitors

The African market is a competitive one. However, the good news is that the market is wide enough to accommodate all players. But you must get your acts right.

Sometimes, carrying out competitive market research in Africa may mean more than asking your respondents about your brand and products/services alone. It may involve opening you to vital information about other industry players.

This helps you to identify what your competitors are doing right/wrong. That way, you can go back to the drawing board and possibly beat them to their game. You can also get general knowledge about your industry that may be relevant to the growth of your business.

5. Get feedback on new product ideas

While businesses are risky ventures, you can reduce the risk by conducting market intelligence research. You don’t have to wait until the product hits the market. Instead, you can reduce risks by knowing what customers think about the new idea before launching. Only a survey makes that possible.

Surveying the product stage helps you test the waters and help you make informed, data-driven business decisions. Remember, you get the information from the same people you intend to serve- your customers.


Survey54’s African survey for businesses in the continent and emerging markets puts your business miles ahead of competitors. We help businesses with market and consumer insights that guide them to make informed and smarter business decisions. Our competitive market research in Africa experience is for businesses in the continent that are result-driven and intentional about excellence. We help you gather objective responses electronically that you can start implementing in no time. So, start enjoying the advantage of the African market intelligence when you book a demo with us.

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