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7 best market research companies in South Africa

7 best market research companies in South Africa

In this article we will review:

If you’re looking into market research options for your company in South Africa, one important question to ask is, “what are the best market research companies in South Africa?”

At Survey54, we understand that working with professional researchers will help you get the most out of your projects by making sound decisions. We also understand that businesses face numerous challenges when deciding on the best service provider among numerous options. While we are confident that our market research offerings are unparalleled in Africa, we have compiled a list of market research companies in South Africa to assist you in your search. Explore this list and use a reliable analysis to find the best market research companies in South Africa for your evolving business requirements.

Top market research companies in South Africa

1.    BMi Research

Contact No: +27 11 615 7000

Address: Cognition House, 84 Will Scarlet Rd, Blairgowrie, Randburg, 2198, South Africa

BMi Research is a full-service research firm that specializes in qualitative and quantitative research solutions. The BMi team understands industrial and production research, wholesale to retail intellect, and shopper insights thanks to their multi-sector experience. Their motivation is to generate actionable insights from research data.

Their clients can realize the required return on research investment by delivering tactical and strategic data through refined reporting platforms. The firm’s well over 40 years of experience bring a truly refreshing customized approach to research, insights, and market intelligence, and combining this with mobile technology creates an enticing offer for their clients.

2.    Mictert Marketing Research

Contact No: +27 11 886 1572

Address: 356 Main Ave, Ferndale, Randburg, 2194, South Africa

Vusi Makhathini, the company’s CEO, founded Mictert Marketing Research in 1997 as a full-service independent market research and fieldwork specialist agency. Moderating, Interviewing, Coding, Transcribing, Editing, Recruiting, and Translating are just a few of the services they provide.

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Their primary goal is to provide competent, dependable fieldwork or primary collection of data, delivering reliable data that clients can rely on.

They have the field force to collect data, be it qualitative or quantitative, in both urban and rural areas, and for consumer-to-business interviews.

3.    Field Africa

Contact No: +27 11 881 5441

Address: 2nd Floor Nelson Mandela Square West Tower, Maude Street, Sandton, 2196, South Africa

Field Africa, founded in the late 1990s, is a leading African research agency that provides a wide range of research services to multinational corporations, publicly traded companies, entrepreneurs, and governments.

Field Africa provides seamless market research offerings to its valued clients across the continent, operating in several countries. The agency distinguishes itself through its people, clients, and the projects that it attracts and retains.

The agency is built on a solid understanding of its client’s needs, thanks to independent researchers who share a common service spirit.

4.    Frontline research group

Contact No: +27 86 999 0407

Address: Clarendon Court 9 Lutman Street, Richmond Hill, Gqeberha, 6001, South Africa

Frontline Market Research is a research firm based in South Africa. They have offices in Johannesburg and Port Elizabeth, as well as representation all over Africa. They are a full-service research firm that believes they have some of the most detailed African market environment data available. Their continuous research ensures that they are always relevant and up to date. They frequently undertake bespoke projects for companies and organizations across Africa that require specialized research and insights.

Their services are comprehensive and they provide clients with a clear view of the entire African retail landscape. Their tailored and purpose-built methodologies include full Retail Audits, shopper pathways, full Route to Market Solutions, and an understanding of how best to enter new African markets.

They have a thorough understanding of various GIS software solutions and provide expert training and consulting on these products and services. Their Geomapping team has a wealth of knowledge filled with data-rich information that helps businesses make better and more visually informed decisions.

5.    BVA BDRC

Contact No: +27 21 790 5262

Address: Studio C14, Mainstream Centre, Main Road, Hout Bay, 7806, South Africa

BVA BDRC is an award-winning international business and consumer insight consultancy with research projects in more than 90 countries. The agency, which is part of the Paris-based BVA Group, provides a full range of research consulting and business transformation services. They assist brands in getting closer to their customers, improving the customer experience, and increasing their bottom line.

They understand that all of their clients face challenges that market research can help them with. This includes comprehending customer needs, product development opportunities, employee satisfaction, market entry requirements, compliance, etc.

6.    Insight survey

Contact No: +27 21 045 0202

Address: 154 b&c block, E, Millennium Business Park, Unit, 19 Edison Way, Century City, Cape Town, 7441, South Africa

Insight Survey provides B2B marketing research services to clients in order to help them successfully improve or expand their business, penetrate new markets, introduce new products, or better understand their internal or external environment.

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The agency was founded in 2006 and has been providing consumer intelligence and market research solutions to companies in South Africa and around the world for over ten years, making it a market leader in its field.

Insight survey offers customer-focused marketing research solutions to assist clients in building brands, shaping strategy, and driving profitability.

Their experience includes Food and Beverage, Technology, Automotive, Healthcare, Telecommunications, Financial Services, Retail, Publishing, and Manufacturing.

Insight Survey serves these verticals with a diverse set of research tools designed to maximize research investments. In addition to research project design and management, they synthesize their clients’ existing data to leverage and extend value.

7.    Clear Strategy Company

Contact No: +27 11 608 0700

Address: Unit 1a, Bartlett Lake Office Park 3 Dr Vosloo rd cnr Trichardt, Bartlett, Boksburg, 1459, South Africa

Three engineers founded Clear Strategy Company in 1997 intending to provide sound, practical, and timely market research, clear and information-directed marketing strategy development, and activity implementation management consulting. The company primarily operates in Sub-Saharan Africa across a diverse range of markets.

Their philosophy is based on the development of all marketing decisions from a solid information base, ensuring knowledge of both internal and external situations is taken into account throughout the development process. They believe that developing a clear strategy without a solid information platform is impossible and that the customer experience is critical in developing these strategies.

Got Questions about the right market research companies in South Africa for your business?

Survey54 is bridging the data gap in Africa. We enable companies to grow and scale with fast and transparent insights from audiences across Africa and emerging markets. We use crowdsourced data from our audience who tell us what they are consuming using surveys, images, and videos. Afterward, we then relay this tracking data to our clients who use it for innovative data-driven decisions.

Our AI-enabled market research platform helps businesses in Africa and emerging markets grow and scale. Our fieldwork capabilities extend across the African continent, including South Africa. We also have dependable insights across all Living Standard Measures (LSM 1 – 10 groups).

Do you want to learn more about the right market research companies for your African business? Contact our team for expert guidance. 

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