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Does Audience Measurement cover all Radio and TV stations in Nigeria?

Does Audience Measurement cover all Radio and TV stations in Nigeria?

In this article we will review:

Survey54’s audience measurement reach in Nigeria is unrivaled! With our cutting-edge technology and vast experience, we provide accurate and reliable data that helps our clients make informed decisions. We are proud to be the leading provider of audience measurement services that cover radio and TV stations in Nigeria.

The Nigerian media landscape is evolving. It was once dominated by print, radio, and television, but it is now being disrupted by digital platforms. However, the digitalization of Nigerian media did not completely shift people’s attention away from traditional media such as radio and television. People now listen to/watch digital versions of these channels instead. As a result, content from these channels, including advertisements, must be intentional, planned, and executed to meet expectations.

A few of the most frequently asked questions by media stakeholders are;

  • “How many Radio and TV stations in Nigeria can audience measurement cover?”
  • “Can audience measurement help any radio and TV station of my choice?”

Well the answer is, Yes, you can effectively measure the audiences of 265 radio and TV stations in Nigeria, including DSTV. Continue reading to learn more.

Audience measurement in Nigeria

One of the most significant gaps in Nigerian media is the absence of reliable broadcast sector audience measurement data that is accepted by all industry players. Those who conduct it don’t do it properly. Some also lack the digital tools required in today’s world.

Relevant stakeholders in the marketing strategy industry have emphasized the need for change in the audience measurement process in Nigeria. Audience measurement is critical for advertisers, broadcasters, and publishers because it provides them with the necessary information on customers’ viewing patterns, allowing advertisers to make better decisions on where to place adverts to reach the appropriate target audience at the lowest cost. As a result, they must stay current on changes in their audiences’ viewing habits.

Understand the right Radio and TV stations in Nigeria to run your ads with Survey54

This is why, in January, the Nigerian Minister of Information and Culture, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, established an audience measurement committee to boost broadcast and advertising.

According to the Minister, “The absence of a scientific audience measurement system has resulted in under-development in the broadcast and advertising industries and stunted their growth.”

To meet expectations, audience measurement in Nigeria must evolve in tandem with industry changes. Radio and TV stations in Nigeria must accurately tell which programs will pique their audience’s interest and when they will listen/view. Advertisers must also be able to determine which channels people prefer to listen to. This will assist them in determining where to direct their campaigns to reach their target audience.

It is not enough to put out adverts on air. 

there are important questions you need to provide answers to as you plan your ad campaign;

  • “How do advertisers determine the success (or failure) of their advertising campaigns?”
  • “How do they know if the radio/TV stations played their jingles? Are their competitors’ advertisements performing better than theirs?”
  • “How will they compare their performance to that of their competitors and determine their listenership/viewership rate?”

These and other benefits are made possible by audience measurement and ad intelligence/commercial monitoring.

The advertising community continues to make content decisions based on subjective factors rather than how many viewers their content truly attracts.

However, effective audience measurement in Nigeria is also required to grow the advertising sector, as the old manual model hampered investment opportunities and stifled industry growth.

Survey54’s Audience measurement for radio and TV stations in Nigeria to the rescue!

Survey54’s Audience Measurement is a tracker dashboard that provides data to media companies so they can view radio and television shares, gauge ad spending for better ROI, and plan future marketing campaigns.

It is a self-serve solution that allows media partners to monitor and analyze real-time audience profiling data in order to make better business decisions. We collect 500-1000 daily sample audiences for data. This makes our recall rate one of the highest not just in the country, but in Africa at large.

With the audience measurement tool, you can;

  • Obtain real-time intelligence data on the timeframe of your choice.
  • Be certain about where you want to spend your advertising budget.
  • Create valuable marketing campaigns for the brands with which you collaborate.
Get reliable Radio and TV data in Nigeria with Survey54!

You can also;

  • Monitor Ad Performance Data.
  • Create and analyze advertising performance reports.
  • Confirm scheduled ad transmissions per contracts with radio and television stations.
  • Provide advertising agencies and brands with automated broadcast monitoring and playout verification as a service.
  • Save yourself the trouble of manually listening to the radio or watching television for advertisements.
  • Increase profits and overall efficiency by creating quick and precise reports in real-time or offline, depending on your needs.

All these data and more are available with us on over 200 Nigerian radio and TV stations- including all in Lagos state!

More interestingly, you get to enjoy a 1-month free trial when you book a Demo. What are you still waiting for? Jump on this opportunity and start enjoying audience measurement in Nigeria like never before!

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