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How to find the right survey participants in Africa

How to find the right survey participants in Africa

In this article we will review:

Obtain accurate findings from your survey by locating the appropriate survey respondents who will instill confidence in your data.

Getting the appropriate survey participants is essential to the success of your survey project, but it is tricky. Even if your research study is well-designed from the start, you should minimize the chance of not recruiting the appropriate participants on the first attempt.

Taking the time to acquire more and the appropriate survey participants today can be beneficial in various ways in the future.

Finding the right survey participants can be tasking

The appropriate sample size facilitates generalizations

If the sample size is too tiny, it will be impossible to discover patterns and trends. It is usually preferable to have more information than less since you may create a more confident hypothesis based on the survey participants.

Be wary of selecting a sample size that is excessively large, as this might lead to overly complex and time-consuming procedures.

Utilize our Sample Size Calculator to determine how many individuals you need for your research.

The gained knowledge is more relevant to target markets

If you collect more data from members of your target audience, you can be confident that any conclusions drawn from your study will be more likely to be accurate.

More data about these respondents provide a more realistic depiction of the thoughts, actions, and responses of this demographic segment. This helps supply you with trustworthy findings upon which you may confidently act.

When using your findings for marketing purposes, higher sample sizes provide more accurate results

If you had to pick between surveying 50 or 200 participants about their opinion of your brand, for example, a higher response rate is preferable. It yields more dependable results, as larger sample sizes are more likely to produce valid results.

If the majority of comments are positive, you may utilize this information in your marketing materials to demonstrate how well your business is performing.

Conversely, if a higher proportion of customers provide consistently negative feedback, you have concrete proof that something is wrong and can initiate an investigation immediately. Utilize the additional information to enhance your experience and resolve the issue.

How to find your ideal survey respondents.

Try one of these six ways when you or your market research team need to deliver findings quickly but still want the top responders for high-quality feedback.

Each of these strategies will be effective in certain situations; therefore, as you investigate them, you should carefully assess the purpose of your survey.

1. Build your marketing email list

As your business grows, so too will your email marketing list. Some strategies for list expansion are:

  • Content that requires the customer to enter their information before accessing it.
  • Collecting email addresses from conference and event participants.
  • Providing a prominent “sign up for our newsletter” call to action on your homepage.
  • Consumers registering to get the latest product information.

You can use these email addresses to solicit input based on the recipient’s interests (like new product developments) or the channel they use (e.g., website or mobile app notifications while they browse).

2. Utilize external channels and partners

Ask your partners whether you may utilize their network or marketing tools to reach additional prospective survey respondents. Additionally, distributors and suppliers with whom you maintain positive relationships will have access to their own social media profiles and marketing platforms.

It is prudent to inquire ahead about their interest in this concept, so you can rapidly reach out to third-party networks when a research opportunity arises.

3. Purchase panel respondents

A panel is a group of individuals with relevant expertise who have volunteered to participate in an ongoing study. A variety of professionals offer survey replies, and businesses can contact them for premade or customized participant lists.

At Survey54, we have an audience network from which Researchers may obtain responses and gather the meaningful business information they require. We have extensive expertise in offering Crowdsourced data for Africa and emerging markets.

We manage our audiences in 3 quick steps at Survey54. They are;

i. Recruitment:  We recruit panelists through community groups, social media, data-free communication platforms, and telco networks.

ii. Screening & profiling: We profile our respondents by their demographics, location, and preferences (updated every 6 months).

iii. Engagement: We engage with our respondents with interactive content on our platforms, mostly through our dedicated social media community, where we interact using quizzes and polls to start conversations. We also interact using third-party apps.

4. Collect website feedback

You can also collect feedback from website users by obtaining email leads on your website.

A landing or squeeze page is the most effective approach to collecting such leads. According to Sumo, you can increase your landing page conversion rate by 20% to 40% by reducing the number of decisions a visitor must make. On the homepage, visitors can go to several different buttons, movies, and product demonstrations, whereas a landing page distinguishes the call to action.

5. Use social media

You can share your survey more broadly on social media channels to increase its exposure via social sharing. Consider whether your issue would be more suited for one platform vs. another. For instance, LinkedIn is a social site devoted to professional networking and job hunters.

As a result, making a LinkedIn post with relevant business-related keywords and hashtags, along with a link to your survey, could be an effective method to reach business performance-focused individuals.

6. Meet your customers where they are, such as through in-person polls

If you have a certain audience in mind, meet them where they are. There are digital choices, but there are advantages to doing it physically, especially if you’re collecting feedback from demographics that are less inclined to respond online. For instance, the identical grocery store, a branded store, or a physical site. As you meet folks in various locations, this is an additional method for gaining understanding.

If your audiences congregate online, visit the community pages and membership websites where they converse. Engage in conversations, promote your organization, and explain what you do once you’ve gained access.

Need to get survey respondents faster?

Survey54 can solve your survey respondents’ needs by profiling panels so that you only receive the desired responses. We empower companies to grow and scale by providing rapid and transparent audience insights from Africa and emerging markets. Contact us today for a free consultation on various panel options available for you.

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