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How to implement a data-driven consumer marketing strategy

Introduction In today’s digital age, data is the new oil. Companies harnessing data’s power can make informed decisions that drive revenue growth, customer satisfaction, and brand loyalty. Data-driven marketing is a strategy that utilizes customer data to create personalized and targeted marketing campaigns. This article will explore data-driven marketing, recent examples of successful campaigns, and […]

Fighting inflation in emerging markets: Insights from 5 Experts

As a startup founder in an emerging market like Africa, inflation can significantly challenge your business growth. The constant rise in prices of goods and services can impact your revenue, profitability, and expansion plans. However, there are ways to fight inflation and stay ahead. In this article, we’ll share insights from five experts who have […]

What investors are looking for in Q2 2023

The question, “What investors are looking for?” is a common one for most startups. In Q2 2023, investors are looking for startups with innovation, scalability, and social responsibility. They want to invest in companies that can show creativity, have a solid growth capacity, and have a sense of social responsibility. Understanding what investors are looking […]

How to get survey data that represents the population of African countries

There are many ways to collect data about the African continent and its many countries. This blog post will focus on getting survey data representing African countries’ populations. While there are many different methods for collecting data, surveys are one of the most common and useful research tools. When conducted properly, surveys can provide a […]

4 tips for first-time marketing managers in Africa

Marketing is one of the main strategies that businesses use to grow. As the business ecosystem continues to grow, so does the number of marketing managers in Africa. Some are experienced in the field, while others are pretty new. Both classes of professionals, however, have the same market to serve. As a first-time marketing manager, […]

Unlocking the secrets of ride-hailing in Africa: How Survey54 is helping Bolt and Uber drive success  

Are you curious about what goes on behind the scenes at companies that operate ride-hailing in Africa? Do you want to know what African drivers and riders are saying about their experiences on the job? Survey54 is here to provide the answers you’ve been looking for. At Survey54, we specialize in collecting data on ride-hailing […]

The rise of eCommerce in Africa

The rise of eCommerce in Africa is one of the most exciting developments on the continent. Africa has been held back for too long by a lack of infrastructure and market access. But with the growth of mobile internet and smartphones, African entrepreneurs are finding new ways to reach customers and grow their businesses. E-commerce […]

How to win in Africa despite the global inflation

In recent memory, Africa has been facing one of the most challenging economic environments: a slow recovery from the pandemic, rising food and energy prices, and high public debt levels. One of the most pressing issues confronting the region is the need to combat decade-long high inflation, which is wreaking havoc on income and food […]

Top 5 things you need to know about market research in Africa

In recent years, Africa has received much attention in terms of investment. This is due to the abundance of resources that can be converted into lucrative sources of income. Furthermore, the African consumer market has a diverse untapped potential. The needs and demands of the population in Africa can be turned into profitable investments with […]

Tv ads vs Social Media ads: How to decide the one to use?

With the continuous penetration of mobile and internet connectivity, businesses seeking to advertise their products or services often have to broaden their channels beyond radio and TV, even if they continue to use the same medium, in a world where the number of cord-cutters grows by the day. This has made social media ads popular […]