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Unlocking the secrets of ride-hailing in Africa: How Survey54 is helping Bolt and Uber drive success  

Unlocking the secrets of ride-hailing in Africa

In this article we will review:

Are you curious about what goes on behind the scenes at companies that operate ride-hailing in Africa? Do you want to know what African drivers and riders are saying about their experiences on the job? Survey54 is here to provide the answers you’ve been looking for.

At Survey54, we specialize in collecting data on ride-hailing in Africa from Bolt drivers in Nigeria and Uber riders in South Africa. Our unique platform allows users and drivers to share their insights and experiences on the job in exchange for incentives. This allows ride-hailing companies to gain valuable insight into the respondents’ perspectives and improve their services to riders.

Ride-hailing in Africa: How does data improve the experience?

Understanding the Drivers’ perspective

But what are the advantages of accessing this kind of data? By understanding drivers’ experiences and the factors that influence their job satisfaction, companies that operate ride-hailing in Africa can make changes to improve retention and attract new drivers. This can lead to better service for riders and a more efficient ride-hailing experience.

Additionally, surveying drivers also gives companies an understanding of the drivers’ perception of the company and its services, which can give a better comprehension of what customers think as well, a great way to improve overall customer service. By understanding what drivers like and dislike about their job, companies can better tailor their policies and services to meet the needs of their drivers and in turn, their riders.

Incentives for Drivers

In addition to improving the experience of ride-hailing in Africa, Survey54 also helps drivers by providing them with incentives for sharing their data. This is a win-win for both the ride-hailing company and the drivers. Drivers get to share their experiences and opinions and get rewarded for doing so, while the ride-hailing company gets valuable insight into the drivers’ perspectives.

By incentivizing drivers to share their data, Survey54 is able to gather more comprehensive and accurate information. This is especially important in countries like Nigeria as other parts of the continent, where there may be a lack of available data on the ride-hailing industry. By participating in surveys, drivers can help shape the future of ride-hailing in their country and have a direct impact on improving the industry.

Improvement in retention and attraction

By understanding drivers’ needs and preferences, ride-hailing companies can make data-driven decisions to improve retention and attract new drivers. This is crucial for the success of the ride-hailing industry, as a shortage of drivers can lead to longer wait times and decreased reliability for riders.

With Survey54’s data, ride-hailing companies can identify the factors that lead to driver satisfaction and dissatisfaction and make necessary changes to improve retention. Additionally, companies can create more appealing job listings and recruiting efforts to attract new drivers by understanding what drivers are looking for in a job.

Enhancing the Rider Experience

By improving the driver experience, companies can also improve the rider experience. When drivers are satisfied with their job, they are more likely to provide better service to riders. This can increase customer satisfaction and loyalty, resulting in more repeat customers and positive word-of-mouth advertising.

Moreover, gathering data on drivers’ perceptions of the company and its services can also give an understanding of what customers think about their experience with the company, which can improve overall customer service.


As you can see, Survey54’s data collection service is a powerful tool for companies that operate ride-hailing in Africa and are looking to improve their services on the continent. By providing valuable insights into the drivers’ perspectives, Survey54 is helping ride-hailing companies in Africa to make data-driven decisions that lead to success. So, whether you’re a rider looking for a better experience or a company looking to improve your services, Survey54 is here to help.

Are you a ride-hailing driver in Nigeria or a rider in South Africa? Join Survey54 today and help shape the future of ride-hailing in your country. And for riders, next time you take a ride, think of the information and work behind the scenes that the company is doing to improve your experience and the driver’s livelihood. Of course, you also get incentivized for your response! Isn’t that Interesting?! 

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