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Nigerian Women are Choosing Homegrown Beauty Brands Over International Brands

Nigeria beauty and personal care trends

In this article we will review:

In February 2016, Senator Ben Murray-Bruce coined the “Buy Naija to grow the Naira” slogan, a campaign to encourage Nigerians to strengthen the Naira by purchasing Nigerian homegrown products over imported brands.

We see this influence on Nigerian women’s choice of beauty and cosmetics brands as confirmed by our Nigeria Beauty and Personal Care Trends report.

We also look at how stakeholders in Nigeria’s enormous personal care industry have responded to changing market trends over time to stay relevant – notably by establishing a lively online presence.

Some interesting points from the report:

1. Nigerian women are more comfortable with home-made brands

Consumers in the Nigerian beauty and personal care sector prefer a localised and relatable approach to product development, marketing, and distribution, as seen by the 60% of respondents from our survey. The capacity of businesses to adjust their strategy to the domestic demands of consumers to make their shopping process as simple as possible is also critical to the market’s scalability.

2. Beauty and cosmetic products are necessities

nigerian women in a hijab shopping for indigenous beauty products
Image: Reuters

Nigerian consumers of beauty products are always in need of these items – from everyday beauty to ceremonial event glam. Looking goog is trendy. With more skincare education and products available, more Nigerian women invest in their looks.

3. Homegrown brands have won the trust of Nigerian consumers

Consumer trust in Nigerian homegrown products has grown over recent years as brands adopt better packaging and personalised customer experiences.

Local brands may thus react quickly to micro-trends, altering their products and marketing strategies to better serve their customers.

Download the full report here.

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