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Post-survey feedback: How to respond to consumer insights

How to respond to consumer insights

In this article we will review:

In an earlier publication, we discussed how surveys help businesses make smarter decisions. The bulk of these decisions are after the survey exercise has been successfully concluded and consumer insights gathered. It is, therefore, important to guide businesses on actionable steps to take after completing a market intelligence survey to scale their enterprise.

Once you’ve acquired client feedback through a survey, the next step is to process the data and act on them. Consumer intelligence is an important part of customer service. Projjol Banerjea believes that it is the solution for better customer service. As a result, any mishandling of input might lead to poor company decisions. However, there are some strategies you can apply to properly utilize survey data by incorporating them into your organizational procedures. 

Consumer insights after market research: 4 steps to take

Here are some suggestions for what you should do after obtaining consumer insights via surveys:

1. Analyze the data

Your entire effort in planning and implementing your survey was made to collect objective and valid consumer insights in the form of data. Now that you have it, you need to thoroughly evaluate the data to get correct conclusions about your consumer base. There must be a consistent and methodical approach to arranging and tallying figures, as well as a regular procedure for dealing with incomplete surveys or missing data.

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2. Plan

With the evaluated data in hand, you can now make plans for how to act on the outcomes. Make use of the data to better understand the strengths and weaknesses of your entire team and the departments therein. Once you’ve discovered the elements that require greater attention, you may take steps to enhance their position, such as developing a customized training program for your underperforming team members. You can also leverage the market intelligence that surveys’ data provide you to objectively recognize and reward deserving employees.

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3. Act

Once you’ve identified the areas that require improvement, it’s time to devise a plan of action. Individual responses are fantastic, but you’ll get the most return on investment if you address issues that affect your whole client base. Acting on surveys for businesses’ results will help your team members perform better, improve your customer experience, increase revenue for your company, and improve your organization’s public relations.

4. Publish Company-wide

You can do more with your survey results than just gather, analyze, and implement data. They can be more effective if they are made available to everyone, not just top management. Similarly, if you only handle consumer insights within your customer care department, you’re not getting the most out of it. You can discuss the results with your team members and get them invested in what your consumers are saying so that they know where they need to improve. As the gap between customers and individuals in other departments closes, it will be easier to implement customer-centric improvements!

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