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Safiyo by Survey54 – The All-in-One Consumer Insights Platform for Africa

safiyo by survey54

In this article we will review:

We have some key product news: our self-serve platform now has a name – Safiyo by Survey54!

You may already know that Survey54’s self-serve market research platform enables teams and businesses across Africa to develop surveys, track survey findings, and make informed decisions.

For a while now, we’ve been deliberating on a name to call our self-serve platform. We thought ‘self-serve’ was too wordy – and too obvious – and so we put the question out to our team:

What name would capture the essence of our self-serve platform while still communicating the same value?

The name had to be catchy, unique, and consistent with our brand while telling our story – with a nod to our African-focused mission statement:

Our mission is to make people-focused data more accessible in Africa and other emerging markets. We are doing this by building a data library for businesses using AI technology.

-Survey54’s Mission Statement
safiyo by survey54

Our team proposed several name options ranging from utterly hilarious to on the nose, but finally, Dami Akintomide (our former lead QA) came up with 2 inspiring name options: Safiyo and Tafiti

We put it to a vote, and by a wide margin, Safiyo resonated most with our team, and so our self-serve platform was christened Safiyo.

Safiyo (noun, or. Hausa): to survey, to research or question.

Safiyo indicates a strong ability to persuade others effortlessly. 

Safiyo by Survey54

We officially welcome you to experience Safiyo by Survey54.

Who is Safiyo for?

  • Founders who need to validate their big ideas, enable sales, or wow investors with concrete data,
  • Marketing Managers seeking to understand their existing or potential audiences,
  • Researchers looking for authentic and up to date data on different audience segments,
  • SME entrepreneurs who cannot afford to waste time or funds,
  • Account managers who need to track ad performance for better ROI.

Safiyo’s intuitive platform is optimized for ANYBODY who needs fast and reliable market research solutions in Africa.

Here’s what you and your team can expect from Safiyo:

Every day, millions of conversations are happening throughout the business ecosystem about all aspects of consumer culture, but your business cannot be everywhere.

That’s where Safiyo by Survey54 comes in.

On Safiyo, you can develop surveys tailored to specific groups of customers and receive real-time feedback within minutes:

  • Design custom surveys tailored to your budget and targeted at specific segments of your audience.
  • Receive responses within minutes from our audience network or your uploaded audience. These responses are randomly and anonymously collected.
  • Crosstab survey questions for deeper insights into how different audience segment answers interact.
  • Give multiple members of your team access to your dedicated result dashboard, or download results in ppt, Slides or pdf format.
  • Request for and get more comprehensive result insights (from our team) to answer specific business questions.

Experience Safiyo by Survey54 today!

Simply create an account to get started.

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