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Top market research companies in Kenya

Top market research companies in Kenya

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Are you looking for reputable market research companies in Kenya? Your business requires a dynamic and reliable market research firm that can unearth useful intelligence that is beneficial to your brand’s growth.

Market research is the activity of gathering information about consumers’ needs and preferences. As a result, market research firms provide insights by combining research findings, real-time data, and the most accurate measurement to meet consumer needs, and assist growing and established businesses in understanding emerging market trends.

It would be beneficial if you could locate such top market research companies in Kenya that are guaranteed to provide innovative solutions for all of your market research requirements. While Survey54 is a leader in the market research space in Kenya and the whole of Africa. We have used our business intelligence to compile the following list of marketing research companies in Kenya that can provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision.  

Top 10 market research companies in Kenya for insights

Kasi Insight, Kenya

Kasi Insight is Africa’s leading provider of data, metrics, and insights into typical African behavior. They listen to Africans every month and turn survey data into actionable insights.

Their clients leverage consumer insights at scale, identify early signs of market shifts, and unlock market-creating opportunities for their businesses through their self-serve platform.

Kasi Insight’s team members have backgrounds in data-driven fields such as market research, consulting, banking, and economics, as well as education ranging from psychology to engineering.

Their diverse team enables them to draw on best practices in research to design the best survey, as well as statistical techniques from a variety of fields to transform survey data into normalized data ready for visualization.

Growthpad Digital Consulting

Growthpad Digital Consulting is a Nairobi-based integrated digital consulting firm that provides digital research and planning services. It is one of Kenya’s leading research firms. Look no further if you want a company that can conduct extensive market research to ensure your digital growth.

Growthpad digital consulting, with digital at its core, can help you transform your business and gain a competitive advantage in the current digital age. They believe that in today’s global marketplace, digital research planning is a must for any organization or business worth its salt.

Infotrak Research & Consulting

Infotrak Research and Consulting is a full-service market research firm in Kenya. It was founded in 2004 to serve the Pan-African market. They are located at 103 Manyani East Road, Off James Gichuru Road, Nairobi, Kenya. They also have a Nigerian office at 15 Allen Avenue, Ikeja, Lagos.

Sagaci research

Sagaci Research, founded in 2012 by ex-BCG consultants, is a Pan-African market research and intelligence firm. They offer market research and market intelligence solutions to multinational corporations, consulting firms, and investors, leveraging their local presence and expertise to help their clients make better strategic decisions. They are located at Jadala Place, 4th Floor Ngong Lane, off Ngong Road Kiliman, as one of the research companies in Nairobi – Kenya.

Research 8020 Ltd

Research 8020 is a Kenyan market research firm that provides innovative approaches to market research that are both affordable and effective.

The company has been praised for providing commendable consumer insights that have fueled brand growth for over 300 businesses from 23 African countries.

Even on a tight budget, Research 8020 is very reasonable and easy to work with. Their exceptional interpersonal skills, unwavering results, and forward-thinking market research strategies have established them as Kenya’s go-to market research firm.

Consumer Options Ltd

Consumer Options Ltd was established in 2004. This is a complete market research firm. It is one of East Africa’s fastest-growing market research firms. Consumer Options Ltd has conducted market research in East and Southern Africa. Undertaking Ad Hoc and Continuous Research, Brand Strategy Studies, Communication Studies, Innovation Studies, Market Understanding / Segmentation Studies, Syndicated Omnibus Studies, Corporate Image / Corporate Social Responsibility Studies, and Ethnography Studies are among the services provided by Consumer Options Ltd.

Norim research

Norim Research focuses on providing research and consulting services. The company has been in business for years and is headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya. They provide research proposals, data collection services, and data analysis.

Frontier consulting

The Frontier consulting team, based in Nairobi, is on a mission to catalyze consumer inclusion in Africa. They assist their clients in making more informed business decisions. They help them understand African consumers and markets by acquiring high-quality data.

Frontier Consulting believes that a market-based approach is the best way to unlock the tremendous potential in Africa’s Tier 4 population, also known as the “Missing Middle” or BOP consumer.

They provide market leaders and innovators with consumer insights that allow them to connect with Tier 4 consumers in Africa. They collaborate with their clients to connect consumer understanding to contextual relevance and actionable impact for products and solutions through data-driven quantitative and qualitative processes.

Survey & Statistics Solutions Kenya

Survey and Statistics Solutions Kenya (SSSK) has established itself as the leading contact research firm in Kenya and globally. Their consulting team is made up of data analysts and social scientists with backgrounds in statistics and biostatistics. Data analysis, sample size determination, design of experiments, data collection, data visualization, and technical writing are among their skills. They provide friendly customer service and quick turnaround times. The SSSK team has excellent communication skills, allowing them to converse with their clients fluently and comfortably.

Eco Research Ltd

Eco Research is a Nairobi, Kenya-based data collection firm. They can conduct both qualitative and quantitative research. The team conducts market and social research on behalf of their clients in African markets. They have a significant presence in Eastern, Western, and Central Africa. They also perform monitoring and evaluation as well as quality control checks. Their strengths are competitive pricing and data quality. They always adhere to client deadlines and are adaptable.

Survey54 is the King of market research insights in Africa

Survey54 is bridging the data gap that has led to years of poor decision-making in a variety of African sectors. Our self-service platform allows users to gather insights in real-time across Africa’s 54 countries. It is distinct in that it supports surveys and trackers (Audience measurement). So, consider it a two-edged sword.

Do you need expert guide on the best market research for your business in Kenya? Contact us to know how

We also have a team of skilled moderators working across the continent to conduct offline surveys in rural areas where internet access is limited or the intended respondents are not literate enough to complete online surveys. They are well-versed in the local language and are familiar with their surroundings.

Our screener questions ensure the quality of data you get when you conduct market research with us. We also offer translation services for businesses targeting Francophone countries and other African languages. Our detailed Psychographic survey report service is one of its kind on the continent.

Do you want to learn more about gaining unrestricted access to high-quality data from consumers in Kenya and the whole of Africa? Contact us today for a professional guide.

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