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What is Audience measurement Ad recall rate?

What is Audience measurement Ad recall rate

In this article we will review:

Advertising is all about investing resources to reach specific geographies and users to generate revenue. Even though digital marketing has made advertising easier to track and measure, there is still a huge gap in the industry between market research and advertising. Audience measurement Ad recall rate bridges this gap.

What does Ad recall rate mean?

Ad recall is a metric used in advertising and marketing campaigns to determine the impact of campaign messaging on the target audience. This metric can be obtained through an ad recall survey in Audience measurement.

An ad recall survey is a process of following up with an audience after transmitting a commercial on-air to determine what, if anything, they remember about the advertisement.

It is a type of market research that assesses preferences, dislikes, recognition, impression, and likelihood to purchase, among other key performance indicators not available on traditional digital analysis platforms.

When running a paid Facebook ad, for example, brands can learn analytics such as frequency, clicks, impressions, and so on. Unfortunately, they are unreliable in determining how effective the advertisement was.

Facebook defines impressions as “the number of times an ad was served, based on data received from an ad platform”. Advertisers, on the other hand, wonder if…

  • My targeted users respond to the advertisement?
  • The targeted users recall seeing/listening to my advertisement?
  • The targeted users stopped paying attention to my ad or were they distracted by something else?
  • Why are my targeted users ignoring my ad?

Audience measurement Ad recall surveys have the ability to address these types of questions.

When advertising data falls short in answering the question “why?”

Theaudience measurement tracker fills in the blanks on some of the unattainable ancillary indicators that are not available on digital marketing platforms.

Its Ad recall rate adds depth, value, and feedback to your ad campaigns. It also assists you in understanding the drivers of positive sentiment and triggers that may compel a customer to make a purchase.

It identifies the most memorable parts of the advert, which can be repeated or amplified in subsequent campaigns to increase awareness, engagement, and ROI of the brand.

How to use Ad recall rate in audience measurement

There are three options that brands most commonly use for ad recall in audience measurement. They include:

  • Aided awareness approach
  • Unaided awareness approach
  • Blinded approach

Aided awareness approach

Some brands opt for aided recall, in which the ad recall begins with questions like “Do you remember seeing an advert for XYZ brand in the last 24 hours?”

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If the respondent says yes, a series of follow-up questions are developed to assist the market research team in understanding how the exposed recall audience liked the ad and how they felt about it.

Unaided awareness approach

Another option is to proceed unaided, which would look like “Do you recall seeing an advertisement for laundry detergent in the last 24 hours?”

If the respondent answers affirmatively, they would equally answer a series of follow-up questions.

Blinded approach

Finally, testing respondents blindly is a stricter approach.

In a blind approach, respondents are asked, “What advertisements do you remember seeing/listening to in the last 24 hours?”

Which method gives the best Ad recall rate?

Each approach has advantages and disadvantages. It could be beneficial to begin with an unaided approach before progressing to the aided approach.

Depending on the audience measurement platform, the recall rate may be low, putting the market research team in jeopardy because sample sizes for follow-up questions will be small.

Which agency in Africa offers the best Ad recall rate for my business?

This is why businesses must seek out a reliable research agency for their audience measurement projects in order to achieve the highest recall rate for their ad campaigns. This is because higher Ad recall rates increase the chances of gaining reliable insights.

Survey54 offers a high Ad recall rate in Africa

Our audience measurement tracker is the greatest TV viewer & radio listener tracker with unlimited flexibility, designed to help advertisers in Africa gain more insight into their stations and the consumption of their media content.

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Depending on the region we focus on,we gather audience measurement data by sampling about 500 – 1000 insights daily. The frequency of our data collection has also contributed to our Ad recall rate being pretty high- one of the highest in the continent.

Our Ad recall rate is a strong differentiator from other research companies in Africa. Our mobile-based platform is also easy to understand. You don’t have to be a Tech expert to find your way around it. We minimize human errors by automating all our processes.

Contact our team to learn more about how to leverage our Audience measurement tracker to determine your ad recall rate.

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