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Why Survey54 is the best Market Research Company for your Business

Why Survey54 is the best Market Research Company for your Business

In this article we will review:

As essential as market research insights are to businesses, so too is the ability to identify the best market research company to collaborate with.

Particularly in a region like Africa, where bad data hinders countries’ ability to make sound policy decisions at all levels (QuartzAfrica), it is crucial for the success of researchers to choose the best market research company to manage research projects.

According to the Financial Times, African nations lack the necessary data for development. This data void is what Survey54 has been filling in the African and other emerging markets.

How important is data in Market Research?

Data is the most important part of market research. It forms the basis for the whole exercise. It is the only way to make good business decisions because it helps you to know what you are doing right and identify where you are going wrong.

Likewise, data collection is essential to marketing research. Numerous important marketing decisions are made based on an analysis of the data gathered during a research project. Guaranteeing the quality of the data collected is a crucial aspect of data collection. Specifically, the data should be relevant and of excellent quality. Data quality is the extent to which a set of data accurately reflects a given scenario. High-quality data is precise, genuine, and trustworthy, and it properly depicts reality.

Researchers have the alternative of gathering primary, secondary, or both types of data. Secondary data are those that have already been acquired for reasons unrelated to the issue at hand. Primary data are newly collected data for a particular purpose or research activity.

If you want to acquire primary data for your market research, then it is a no-brainer to work with the best market research company accessible.

Why rely on Survey54 for quality market research data in Africa?

Over the years, Survey54 has shown to be the best market research company in Africa due to its capacity to provide clients with value propositions. Some of these include:

1. Screener questions

Getting the right survey respondents has been a challenge for marketers, researchers, and insight managers, particularly when they need responses from consumers who have interacted with their products or those of their competitors. However, with Survey54’s screener questions, you can obtain excellent replies by excluding unqualified respondents.

The screener questions are expertly crafted to correspond with the Buyer personas of clients, thereby, enhancing the quality of responses.

Partner with the best Market Research company in Africa for reliable data!

2. Qualified Moderators

We have a team of experts that oversee research exercises both online and offline. Survey54’s pool of qualified moderators can help you gather reliable data anywhere in Africa- including rural areas.

They have extensive experience in asking follow-up questions that put respondents at ease, encourage their enthusiasm, and elicit as much information as feasible.

3. Translation services

Survey54 provides translation services for businesses targeting Francophone African countries, Amharic, Arabic, Portuguese, Hausa, Swahili, and other African languages.

Do you wish to survey audiences in non-English speaking African nations such as Algeria, Burkina Faso, Cape Verde, Gabon, etc.? Survey54 provides skilled translators who translate surveys into the target language and back into English without omitting any essential findings.

4. 500,000+ qualified respondents database

We have over 500,000 qualified respondents in our database, updated every 6 months.

You do not want to restrict your study replies to relatives and friends, as doing so may increase the bias in your conclusions and diminish the quality of the data you collect. You must expand your reach to anonymously collect objective insights and gain a thorough understanding of the market. This is what Survey54’s database of qualified respondents offers.

5. See insights in real-time

Survey54 provides a customized dashboard where you can start seeing insights within minutes. This expedites and simplifies data analysis and deployment for you.

Some companies require months to conduct market research. This can delay your product launch or your expansion ambitions. Since consumer behavior is dynamic and always changing, you cannot afford to waste time on research. You run the risk of working with outdated insights by the time you begin implementation if you do so. This, therefore, validates the business cliché “Time is Money.”

6. Detailed Psychographic survey report service 

Psychographic surveys are used to investigate and classify individuals based on psychological factors such as their views, goals, values, and lifestyle.

While demographic surveys collect “hard” data such as age, location, and ethnicity, psychographic surveys collect “soft,” subjective information on how people live and think. Indeed asserts that psychographic data is typically significantly more effective than demographic data.

Partner with the best Market Research company in Africa for reliable data!

Consequently, Survey54 conducts Psychometric surveys on African respondents and provides extensive analyses that are certain to assist you in making the best business decisions based on who your consumers really are, as opposed to what they appear to be.

Join the ranks of businesses that partner with the best market research company in Africa

Survey54 is closing the data gap that has caused years of poor decision-making across multiple African sectors. Its self-serve platform enables users to gather insights across the 54 countries of Africa in real time. It is unique because it supports surveys and trackers (Audience measurement). So, call it a double-edged sword.

Survey54 also has a staff of skilled moderators throughout the continent who conduct offline surveys in rural areas where there is little to no internet penetration or where the intended respondents are not literate for online surveys. They speak the native dialect fluently and are acquainted with their neighborhoods.

Want to learn more about how you can gain unrestricted access to high-quality data from the best market research company in Africa? Contact us today for an expert guide.

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